And the Rest Is History: Dartmouth Love Stories 2020

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Profiles of couples who met through the College from the ’80s to today.

Diksha Gautham '15 and Joshua Wang '15
Diksha Gautham ’15 and Joshua Wang ’15 

Read the full story, by Zee Lafon, published by Dartmouth Alumni

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Dartmouth Alumni gathered stories of couples who met during their days on campus—or found each other years after graduationasking how they met, their favorite Dartmouth memories, and what they’re up to today. Here’s one story.

Diksha Gautham ’15 and Joshua Wang ’15 

How did you meet?
We were freshmen floormates in East Wheelock. We dated off and on for three years, before deciding to get serious our senior year. We had an instant connection—like we were best friends before we even met. Diksha was attracted to Josh’s fun, enthusiastic energy and his easy-going attitude. Josh was attracted to her joyful and exuberant attitude.

What’s a favorite Dartmouth memory together?
Our first kiss was on the Dartmouth Green. Right when we kissed, the sprinklers went off!

What are you up to now?
After graduation we moved to San Francisco together. Eight years after we met, we got engaged, and are now married!

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