Phi Beta Kappa Holds a Virtual Induction Ceremony

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The Dartmouth chapter of the society welcomed 144 new members this spring.


On Saturday afternoon, the Alpha of New Hampshire Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa at Dartmouth College inducted 144 undergraduates as new members in ceremonies held online.

Officiating were Dennis Washburn, associate dean of the faculty for interdisciplinary programs, Burlington Northern Foundation Professor in Asian Studies in Honor of Richard M. Bressler ’52, and Phi Beta Kappa chapter president; Susannah Heschel, the Eli M. Black Distinguished Professor of Jewish Studies and chapter vice president; and Kate Soule, director of arts and sciences finance and research administration and chapter secretary.

Following the election of new members, Washburn noted that the Dartmouth chapter is the fourth oldest in Phi Beta Kappa, having been founded in 1787.

“Consequently, the language and the ritual may strike you as a bit archaic,” he said. “Of the three principles, fraternity, morality, and literature, it might be useful to know that literature was used in the 18th century to mean knowledge, and then to regard fraternity as companionship in the pursuit of knowledge.”

In a brief history lesson, Heschel told the virtual gathering that the Phi Beta Kappa Society was founded during turbulent times by a group of students at the College of William and Mary in Virginia “who believed that a new nation required new institutions—cultural as well as political—and they were committed to intellectual fellowship shaped by the values of personal freedom, scientific inquiry, liberty of conscience, and creative endeavor.”

Phi Beta Kappa continues to grow, and today there are 290 chapters at American colleges and universities and nearly 50 active alumni associations located in all regions of the country. 

“Phi Beta Kappa is America’s most prestigious academic honor society and a national advocate for the arts and sciences. Its members include 17 U.S. Presidents, 41 Supreme Court justices, and more than 140 Nobel Prize laureates. To be inducted into membership of Phi Beta Kappa is a supreme honor and a tribute to academic achievement at the highest level,” Heschel said.

Attending the virtual ceremony remotely, the students signified their acceptance of the honor through an online chat room, typing their names, majors, locations, and the words “I do,” as the screen showed a compilation video honoring them.

Soule encouraged the new members to get involved in local Phi Beta Kappa organizations wherever they choose to live after graduation.

“If there is not an association in your area, you can stay connected on social media. Join the ɸBK LinkedIn Group of over 30,000 members, and follow Phi Beta Kappa on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Visit the website for online lectures and events,” Soule said. “The Society’s National Arts and Sciences Initiative provides an outlet for those looking to get more involved in advocacy.”


Students Graduated During the Academic Year 2019-2020, Initiated June 13, 2020

  • Sabena Elisabeth Allen
  • Grace Elise Anderson
  • Mychaela Wing Sea Anderson
  • Anela Arifi
  • Elsa Baker Armstrong
  • Zeke MacKenzie Baker
  • Klara Barbarossa
  • Samuel Joseph Barrett
  • Jackson John Baur
  • Morgan Burchenal Baylor
  • Alana Catherine Bernys
  • John Edward Beute
  • Hanna Marie Bliska
  • Zoë Madeleine Brown
  • Maura Kathleen Cahill
  • Jessica Marie Campanile
  • Sofía Carbonell Realme
  • Allison Elliott Carey
  • Katherine Marie Carithers
  • McKenzie Walker Case
  • Robert Guthrie Castle
  • Alexander Raymond Chao
  • Albert Alan Chen
  • Kaijing Janice Chen 19
  • Lingxin Chen
  • Zachary Mathews Cherian
  • William Francis Chisholm III
  • Kensington Barbara Cochran
  • Frances Emma Cohen
  • Alexandra Edensword Conway
  • Luke Matthew Cuomo
  • Andrew John Davidson
  • Gustavo de Almeida Silva
  • Jake Thomas DellaPasqua
  • Anna Elizabeth Dodson
  • Elena Alice Doty
  • Maxwell Farrens
  • James Sexton Foye
  • Alexander Evan Fredman
  • Amy Frenkel
  • Maya Frost-Belansky
  • Nathanael Roberts Gallagher
  • Caroline Claire Goggins
  • Jason Maxwell Goldman
  • Katie Elizabeth Goldstein
  • Catherine Granville ’16
  • Samuel Greenberg
  • Amy Guan
  • Emma Zhang Guo
  • Debora Hyemin Han
  • Grace Lauren Hanselman
  • Alexis B Harris
  • Sean Kenneth Hawkins
  • Madison Mader Hazard
  • Yifan He
  • Julia Yumi Herman
  • Hannah Frances Hua
  • Julia Charlotte Huebner
  • Jack Samet Hutensky
  • Steven Acton Karson
  • Katrina Mary Keating
  • Alexandrea Keith
  • Elizabeth Mina Khusid
  • Bryce Daniel Killian
  • Betty Junghyun Kim
  • Jessica Erin Kobsa
  • Taylor Danielle Lane
  • Emma Langfitt
  • Leo Xinhao Lei
  • Sophie Hertberg Lenihan
  • Qirong Li
  • Rachel Becker Lincoln
  • Eugene Alexander Linden
  • Justin Luo
  • Jasmine Wai Mai
  • Madison Emily Mannes
  • Rachel Lauren Mashal
  • Elizaveta Maslak
  • Megan Victoria McCabe
  • Juliana Maria McCombe
  • Natalia Angelina McLaren
  • James Francis Farha McLaughlin
  • Tristan James McMullen
  • Conrad Meier
  • Abby Ellen Meyers
  • Zachary P. Milestone
  • Christopher Miller
  • Gyan Chetan Moorthy
  • Garrett Muscatel
  • Mustafa Nasir-Moin
  • Jill Frances Nehrbas
  • Sophie Ann Neuhaus
  • Ruth Skinner Nordhoff
  • Alexa Nicole Paladino
  • Sruthi Sai Pasupuleti
  • Himanshu K Patel
  • Shiyao Peng
  • Jennifer Maria Peterlin
  • Anne Yates Pinkney
  • Jeffrey Qiao
  • Jia Xi Qiu
  • Kerrigan Laura Quenemoen
  • Haley Barnard Ramsden
  • Lindsey Reliance Reitinger
  • Frederika Irene Rentzeperis
  • Kyle Hayden Rosen
  • Sloane Camille Sambuco
  • Nicholas Sung Samel
  • Matthew Joseph Sawicki
  • Hailey Austine Scherer
  • John Jeffrey Schlachtenhaufen
  • Emma Grace Sherrill
  • Gunnar Parsons Smith
  • Jonathan S. Song
  • Aishwarya Lakshmi Sritharan
  • Alexandra Joy Stasior
  • Gavriel She’aryashuv Steinmetz-Silber
  • Russell Orson Stewart, Jr.
  • Eric Allen Stolt
  • Sabrina Straus
  • Janine Winnie Sun
  • Gregory Mark Szypko
  • Tang-E Tan
  • Mitchell Tang
  • Miles McLean Temel
  • Nitya Lily Thakore
  • Emanuela Michaela Tsesarsky
  • Alexa Marie Tucker
  • Carly Caroline Tymm
  • Natalie Ann Vaughan
  • Laura Ahn Walk
  • Dayle Kwang-Liang Wang
  • Jason W. Wei
  • Jennifer Danielle Yellen West
  • Anna Elizabeth Whitney
  • Sophie Margareth Whittemore
  • Leo Wiswall
  • Benjamin Atkinson Wolsieffer
  • Kathryn Elizabeth Wood
  • Michelle You Wu
  • Linda Xiao
  • Michelle Danica Yao
  • Samuel Alexander Zarkower
  • Gabriel Aaron Zuckerberg

Members of the Class of 2020 Initiated Oct. 11, 2019

  • Mary Versa Clemens-Sewall
  • Phoebe Holston Cunningham
  • Long Hoang Do
  • Christopher Houghton Esch
  • Emma Shirley Louise Esterman
  • Delia Margaret Friel
  • William Jack Kaufman
  • Victoria Joanna Nedder
  • Brandon Nicholas Nye
  • Scott T Okuno
  • Sarah Taylor Pearl
  • Joshua Bernard Perlmutter
  • Anjali Madhavi Prabhat
  • Josiah Katsutoshi Putman
  • Matthew John Radosevich
  • Courtney Therese Stump
  • Armin Tavakkoli
  • Zijie Wang
  • Samuel Alexander Wilson
  • Sebastian Robert Wurzrainer
  • Xinchen Zhao
Written by
Charlotte Albright