James Wright

Remembering the 16th President

James E. Wright


The Dartmouth president from 1998 to 2009, Wright joined the Dartmouth faculty in 1969, was a campus leader for decades, and enjoyed engaging with students. The only Marine to serve as an Ivy League president, Wright helped launch the Native American Studies Program and was an ardent advocate for veterans.  He died on Oct. 10 at 83.

See a video of the Oct. 26 memorial service in Alumni Hall.

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James Wright
Profile of James Wright

James Wright, President Emeritus and Eleazar Wheelock Professor of History at Dartmouth College, joined the Dartmouth College history department in 1969. 

President Emeritus James Wright stands by the rededicated Vietnam War memorial plaque
Dartmouth Presidency, 1998-2009

A member of the Dartmouth faculty since 1969, James Wright was elected president in 1998. Prior to taking office, he served as dean of the faculty, provost, and acting president. 

James Wright Gift to Wright Center
A Gift to the Wright Center

The family of James Wright and Robert “Bob” Wright supported the University of Wisconsin-Platteville’s Wright Center for Non-Traditional and Veteran Students. The brothers were both first-generation college students there and veterans.

James Wright
A Portrait of James Wright

The portrait of Dartmouth’s 16th president was painted by Peter Michael Gish.

Jim Wright shakes the hands of the servicemen at Fenway Park.
Public Speaking & Featured News

A roundup of news stories about James Wright and media appearances by the president emeritus.